Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies

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On May 1st 1945 allied forces overtook Hitler’s private mountain retreat in Bavaria.

America’s OSS (office of strategic services) looking for evidence of Nazi war crimes uncovered a large archive of Hitlers private home movies.

Without sound they were useless as evidence of war crimes and remained archived for years.

Re-opened recently with the aid of 20th Century technology and skilled lip readers we can now hear what was said.

These videos offer a glimpse into the personal life of one of history’s most despised men.


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  • Abuabudazzi 5 years ago

    why do you douchebags have to post the same damn thing multiple times?

  • This is pure propaganda, notice the Illuminati pyramid at the beginning of the video.

  • Hitler could have come to power without the help of Fritz Thyssen, IBM, Ford, Rockefeller and the Wall Street banking establishment including Prescott Bush and the Union Banking Corporation. IG Farben, the company that ran the Holocaust, was owned by many transnational corporations. See Anthony Sutton's books for more info.

  • Wiliam 7 years ago

    Zog propaganda? You are retarded.
    Great documentary, amazing that the technology can do that. I would with laser scanners, and it's fascinating to see a side application of the rendering software used for something like this.

  • Miguel 7 years ago

    this is pure zog propaganda, terrible pseudo-documentary.