Hacking: Power, Corruption and Lies

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Robert Peston investigates the questions behind the phone hacking trial which saw David Cameron's former spokesman, Andy Coulson, convicted and three other News of the World News editors plead guilty. Did politicians of all parties and police help to cover-up the hacking scandal for years because of their own close relationships with Rupert Murdoch's News International? The scandal that reached into the hearts of the British establishment. It's about power and the abuse of power. It's centered on Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Now one of his editors Andy Coulson faces jail for phone hacking. He denied it for years and ended up in David Cameron's Downing Street. He showed retched judgement and it will permanently damage his reputation as British Prime Minister. David Cameron friend Rebecca Brooks is being cleared of any involvement in phone hacking and bribing public officials. Rupert Murdoch has always stood by his well connected prodigy. She was able to connect the right kind of people. Three senior News of the World journalists had already pleaded guilty to criminally targeting peoples private lives. Phone hacking was unleashed on the rich and the famous but no one was off limits.

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