Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom

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A stunning and entertaining examination of Constitutional issues in America. Covers abuse of authority by police, nanny laws, problems of a two-party system, self-defense, States' Rights, Natural Rights and taxation. ""Guns and Weed - The Road to Freedom"" shows, in no uncertain terms, why Freedom of Ingestion AND the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are equally indisputable civil rights, and why the War on Drugs and the War on Guns are both entirely immoral. Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom is a documentary film from Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi. 91 minutes. (USA) ENGLISH. 16x9. FEATURING: Sheriff Richard Mack, MamaLiberty, Shane Scheid, Neema Vedadi, J-Tizzle, and many many more.

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  • Mike

    As a Vietnam veteran i salute you all for doing a wonderful job thank you for taking the time to educate us again !!!

  • Laura Bay

    Sherri f Mack is awesome.

  • Chard Breed

    and, what's w/the gal in the cute pink sweater?  She is so perfect, you think she's an animation...I mean, and she's so the perfect gal to be in this film:  thank you, Ms. Betty America, for being you.  I want kids, just saying, uh, y'know, uh, you like music?

  • Chard Breed

    I want to make friends..w/whomever made this movie...or enjoyed watching it.on facebook i am chard breed  c ya there

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