Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own

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After the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans suffered toxic reactions, neurological damage, and rare cancers due to exposure to 2,4,5,-D and 2,4,5-T dioxin that was used in the form of the defoliant Agent Orange. Unfortunately, the U.S. military denied the problem and failed to heed any of the lessons of this chemical butchery. Instead, it expanded its harmful legacy to the current generation of soldiers and civilians exposed to new, more deadly chemical toxins in the Persian Gulf. Join accomplished filmmaker Gary Null, PhD, as he explores the real truth about Gulf War Syndrome and the secrets about chemical and germ warfare that the U.S. government is hiding from its veterans and the public. Dr. Null uncovers the hidden truths about Gulf War Syndrome, including the deadly and toxic effects of armor-piercing radioactive depleted uranium, the use of experimental and risky vaccines on over 1,100,000 U.S. troops, and the indescribable chemical contamination and environmental devastation that the military caused during the Persian Gulf Wars. In this film, Dr. Null relies on compelling testimony from eyewitnesses who served in the military, leading doctors and scientists who specialize in chemical exposure, and those veterans still suffering from the effects of their tours of duty.

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    Nothing more than PTSD????  This anxiety disorder can be completely disabling.  It is, by the way not a depression disorder but a stress injury.  Depression can develop and often goes hand in hand with PTSD.   Also GAD, or General Anxiety Disorder can develop from the PTSD.How do I know this?  I have witnessed someone close to me with this terrible disorder and hence had to learn a great deal about it. There is so much misinformation concerning these disorders and also the Gulf War (so called syndrome).  Just think, breathing in the dust from the desert, blown around by the winds, that was contaminated with depleted uranium.  Now mix in a little chemical into the dust (since the Iraq Govt. may have tried to get rid of this stuff before the initial inspectors went into Iraq.) and imagine what this toxic soup would do to a fragile human body.

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    Post Script;
    Never trust the military.

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