Greening the Island of the Gods

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Bali does have a garbage problem.  But it also has the solutions.  Garbage is increasingly becoming a concern for locals and tourists alike, detracting from the natural beauty of Bali.  Illegal dumping, burning of garbage, and a lack of access to recycling facilities means that Bali’s air, land and water, and all those who live, work and play in it, battle pollution daily.  But the problem isn’t hopeless- it’s one we can tackle together.  And, in fact, we already are!
In this project, PSP highlights the best practices and sustainable solutions being implemented to address Bali’s garbage crisis, with contributions from diverse sectors of Bali’s community, ranging from local banjars to non-profit organizations to tourism professionals and waste management experts.  Especially in light of recent bad press resulting from Bali’s garbage situation, now is the time to show that we are addressing these issues to get Bali back to the natural paradise it’s known for being.  For the health of the local population, the environment, and the economy of tourism, taking positive and proactive action is key to the sustainability of Bali on all levels.
PSP has just released the English Language version of the film, is currently in the post-production stage for the Indonesian version of this project. Join the Green School’s Gr. 6 class and the Rotary Club Ubud Sunset and help make this project effect sustainable change! Read our proposal to learn more about the support we require, and how your donation can help to green the island of the Gods.

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