Gods of the New Age

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With explosive facts, Gods of the New Age explains why 60 million Americans have been led to Eastern mysticism's "embrace that smothers?. This film explores the world of gurus and their western counterparts, New Agers. In a series of exclusive, candid interviews, we share the thoughts of "master" and witness the blind devotion and mindless obedience of "disciple."


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  • Terry 8 years ago

    OHMYGOSH! I wonder if daycares are doing this whith children without the parents knowledge. I didn't know a lot of this. As I understand, the UN has someone set up to be as God, who happens to be a guru... I may have misunderstood. But do a search on infowars.com on the topic. If anyone can find it, please let me know.

    Good video. I love it when the truth gets out.