Gods of the New Age

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With explosive facts, Gods of the New Age explains why 60 million Americans have been led to Eastern mysticism's "embrace that smothers?. This film explores the world of gurus and their western counterparts, New Agers. In a series of exclusive, candid interviews, we share the thoughts of "master" and witness the blind devotion and mindless obedience of "disciple."


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  • I was barely ten minutes into this video when I realized that this film is simply a propaganda hate film against Hinduism propagated by a far right Christian fanatic 25 years ago. There are bad things in all religions and there are also good things in all religions. The reason Hinduism was targeted I think is because since it is not monotheistic like Christianity. It is growing like Buddhism is and it could be considered heathenish and easily torn down using the one god mentality. I have seen Christians who are just as worshipful to televangelists. All these people do is ask for money in exchange for salvation on tv and people worship them.

  • zandt 8 years ago

    Gada...Im proud of you too.:)
    the TRUTH...well, it dosent scare,it awakens.The level of ignorance in this film is shocking...We must remember to always show compassion at every opportunity

  • Thank you to everyone to put such nicely done comment!
    mine wasn't that good for broken english all thou i'm happy to put a such comment.!!!!!

  • ok spiritual people do not sale drug and murder.
    their could be something like stupid worships but these worshipers for only Hindu religion saw video started with hindu religon then changed to gurus on spirituality , can be 1 or 2 guru bad.gurus who only teach positive told to be conscious for fact i know and i listen some time gurus on youtube ( funny gurus none of them support any religion or any worships) this people trying to miss lid you from true spirituality they could be really dump or have a negative agenda . all lies lies . go check your self on youtube about gurus who teach spirituality Hindu religion have gurus too they're the one evil and greedy devil (but not the gurus on spirituality) this stupid people who made this nonsense video they really need to do full research. i can believe they were said meditation is bad wrong then devil gonna come to you hahhahah. man this crazy . there is a lot more to tell please do your own research on spirituality . staffs said on this video is all lies lies lies?????????????? their million prove to support my idea please go check now knowing truth is mean of intelligent

  • Gimme A Cigarette 8 years ago

    Thank you Wil, very nicely put!

  • Carol,
    Please realise that spirituality is not discovered by worship but realised in experience.

  • carol 8 years ago

    Gimme a Cig please wake up! Don't be blind like these poor people....

  • Gimme A cigarette 8 years ago

    I know what you mean, but Im specifically talking about GURUS! And the corruption of GURUS! Americans may be looking for meaning but america needs to quit looking OUTSIDE for meaning and look within and take responsibility for their own selves and not rely on other people to save them,Sure americans worship stars n' things but im specifically talking about worshiping GURUS,next time dont skim through what i have to say fully read it and contemplate it. And lord have mercy if you beleive anything this crap-o video has to say it reveals nothing but the makers of this video are biased christians

  • My first reaction to this film was, "When on earth was this filmed"? I was reminded of high school A/V club. (I'm almost 50)

    In response to Gimme a Cig:
    Worshipping people is not a western thing? What about sports and movie stars?...or glorifying criminals (gangs and mafia)?...or the response to our new President? Do you suppose worshipping the financially 'successful' could be partly responsible for our current economic condition?

    Many Americans are starved for meaning in their lives as evidenced by rampant consumerism of all sorts... possessions, drugs, food, sex. Small wonder any guru, or any spiritual leader for that matter, looks good.

    This movie was made 25 years ago (a quarter of a century, two and a half decades, one generation). I can't wait to see what will be revealed in the next 25 years!

  • Gimme A Cigarette 8 years ago

    First off this video is extremely BIASED against Hinduism, Indian culture, and New age, and New agers, and obviously made by xtreme Christian ZEALOTS. about 2% of this video accurate(about the gurus, following guru's and the politics and corruption by gurus, that was true)the other 97% is christian scare tactics to turn people off from a profound and Spiritually rich religion(Hinduism). Obviously Indian culture is really different! they have their own ways and structures just like any other culture..
    Guru's dont fit in western culture, because they just dont and obviously they go corrupt..theyre just humans! I dont worship other people and its not a western thing, but the philosophy and insight to hinduism is as beautiful as a lotus, and spiritually awakening, aside from the guru thing. This video demonizes Hinduism soo much that its cheesy and rediculous (putting horror music in the backgrounds) this video is just a sign that christianity is loosing its grip on the world, and hinduism and NEW age beliefs are becoming more relevant, mantras are not evil, they are simply to clear and purify an overactive mind. this vid has lots of misinformation and out right lies to scare people, its funny because they demonize hinduism yet what religion has had the most drama the past thousand years??? CHRISTIANITY!! HELLO! Anyways this video is good for a laugh or two, but dont take it with a grain of salt! (except for the guru part) westerners learn hinduism! but dont get caught up with guru's!!!!! Thats the whole point of new age is to take the jewels of wisdom of religion past and form a universal understanding of what true spirituality is in this present day.. nothing evil I give this video a Ten-Thousand Fold THUMBS DOWN! >:CP