Freemasonry Revealed: Secret History of the Freemasons

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Documentary about an unprecedented inside look into one of the world’s most private mysterious secret organisations, the Freemasons. Their inner workings, secret rituals, revelations of the 33rd-degree Master Mason is also to be revealed, history, and secrets will be uncovered. Centuries old rituals are filmed for the first time ever and to be showcased as well.

A system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, Freemasonry is considered by some to be a sinister organisation bent on world domination. Listen to what Freemasons themselves have to say about Freemasonry, learn the meaning of some of the most popular masonic symbols, and watch a real masonic initiation ceremony! You will see that Freemasonry is not an evil organisation but a benign brotherhood intent on personal and societal development.


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  • Masons 5 years ago

    Many disputes have surrounded the Freemasons over the past years, secrets that go back to numerous hundreds of years ago. Films and guides have been created about them and many authors have tired a large number of hours poring over historical records and enjoying recommendations to find why Freemasonry have started so large and how it has become effective.

  • Curtis Matthew 6 years ago

    It's glad to know that you told a facts about the blog. Though its hidden and private organization but at least you contributed a lot. And people will expecting a lot more from you. I mean some symbols that they will use too. Just open your doors for everybody.

    Curtis MatthewWebmaster,"<a>Secrets of masons</a>"