The Freeman Perspective: Columbia, The Illuminati Goddess

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Columbia, the Illuminati Goddess dwelves deep into the symbology of ancient goddess Columbia and how it is displayed all around America. Find out why Washington is also called the District of Columbia, why do Americans have Columbia pictures, Columbia University and Columbia space shuttle. A rare display of ancient esoteric symbology and it’s use in the modern world.


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  • Executivegifts 5 years ago

    The sad thing about the illuminati thing is if it decides to release hidden codes to divert us of its real plans. Surely they can do that. If they are planning something bad but they want us not to see it they can make fake signs. Can we still do something about this stuff?

  • sonofmercury 5 years ago

    wow you are a complete idiot. do you make this up as you go along because 
    OBVIOUSLY don't fact check. (1) the tower of babel was not built by nimrod. it was built by the people who tried to reach God (2) the hanging garden was built for his homesick wife  amytist of media (3) sadam tried to be
    Marduk the head Babylonian god and (4) the MOAB mother of all bombs HAS NEVER BEEN USED OTHER THAN TESTING!!!! I'm sure there was more wrong i couldn't stand to watch any more. you are a moron and should be neutered to prevent your stupidity from contaminating the human gene pool