Freedom on the Altar: The UN's Crusade Against God and Family

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Is the United Nations the institution upon which the future depends, or an instrument of socialist tyranny? What are the principles which the UN and its masters serve? How would the fulfillment of the UN's stated objectives affect you and your family?

In Freedom on the Altar, journalist William Norman Grigg documents that the UN's envisioned new world order would:

* Indoctrinate children in socialist values, which may include compulsory "volunteer" labor:

* Exercise control over family life, which would include coercive population control, parental "licensing," and the seizure of children from parents deemed "incompetent" by UN-approved officials;

* Eradicate America's distinctive culture, free institutions, and Biblically-derived values; and

* Create an official world religion and persecute those who profess traditional Biblical religion.

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  • An interesting talk from the early 90's about the goals of the global elites. The problem I always have with critiques of the U.N is they always seem to have an undertone of United States Nationalism. They seem to suggest that since the U.N. challenges some of the things that Americans believe in than they must be wrong and even evil. The fact is that the U.S. government and American elites are some of the strongest voices pushing exactly the agenda that is being warned against by these people.

    One issue I'm particularly concerned about is "population control". This scary term which is usually in connection with keeping the human population at a level which the natural resources of Earth can support has another meaning which when looked at critically is obvious. "Population control" can also literally mean the control of the population by the state in all forms of life. That is dictatorship.

    The speaker also seems to view all things through the lens of religion which in my view should be taken out of the discussion to make the greatest impact on a greater number of people. It would also serve to increase the credibility of what is said.

    The U.N. itself is not the threat to the common people it is the few people with untold influence around the world that control things from behind closed doors such as bankers and the boards of multinational corporations which control our monetary system and natural resources. These are the things which if controlled can be used to control the population.