Freedom is Humility - Stefan Molyneux

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Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, speaks at the 2010 Students for Liberty conference at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Oct 9 2010.


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  • wow, did you ever miss the point, by a mile or more.....Think paradigm, and you're getting warmer.

  • pascal 6 years ago

    freedom like truth does not exist and only prevail within one understanding, knowledge, perception; this has to be lived not talk about.
    follow the path, all and only you shall be revealed.
    social position as little to do with freedom or this is just A matter of semantic?!
    Pascal "the willing".

  • Bouman 6 years ago

    I will prevent that stuff

  • Bman5878 6 years ago

    All this guy does is point out situations where government institutions didn't do the best job that they could have and use that as an argument for why they shouldn't exist. Here's a good question: who's going to regulate the companies who are huge polluters and prevent global warming? Here's another one: who's going to stop a gang from taking over your neighborhood, kicking you out, and keeping your wife as a sex slave? And since you think slavery is so immoral, who's going to prevent it?