Free Energy – Zero-Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum

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In a talk titled ?Feasibility of Zero-point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum for Useful Work?, Dr. Valone reviewed what ZPE is and how it is being used. To kick off his talk, he cited a recent article (July 25, 2004) in the Los Angeles Times that stated that our only hope for solving the energy crisis is to be willing to consider ?extreme possibilities.? With that introduction, he then cited numerous instances in which mainstream journals of science have been dabbling in a discussion of zero point energy. He discussed how the vacuum used to be considered empty, but now it has been shown that the vacuum contains an enormous amount of energy. Even when you remove all sources of energy and cool a region to very close to absolute zero (the zero point), there is useable energy present in abundance. He said that this is why Helium stays liquid at fractions of a degree Kelvin. Dr. Valone described an experiment by Koltick that shows the effect of virtual particle "dressing" that shrouds an electron. The Quantum Vacuum text by Milonni, he says, estimates the ZPE energy density at 220 erg/cc in optical regions. These measurements were able to be made because of science?s ability to study matter at the nanoscopic level. He also reported that gravity and inertia are proven to be effects of ZPE, by none other than Dr. Hal Puthoff at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. Dr. Valone described the Casimir Effect, and how it can be used to tap ZPE. This is the slight attraction seen in metal plates when placed very close (atomic distances) to each other. The attraction can be shown to come from ZPE. Valone cites evidence that the ZPE is not conserved, and does not follow the normal laws of energy conservation. He also showed documented research that sometimes the Casimir Force is repulsive due to magnetic or thermal conditions. In some cases, the force changes sign as the temperature increased. This can lead to ways to manipulate and control ZPE. In his presentation, Dr. Valone cited several mainstream science journals that are now publishing works by ZPE researchers (Some examples: Phys. Review Letters #92, 2004; Aviation Week March 1 2004; Science v. 299 issue 5608: 2003 p. 862.) He talked about Robert L. Forward?s early work proposing to extract energy from the Casimir Effect and how he made an electron storage battery instead. He said that now that we have the ability to work with nanotechnology, we have the tools to extract energy from the zero point field.

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  • chris

    so, how are we craking on with this 7 years on? it works yet?

  • Bryon Bidle

    One can imagine I read it twice. While I am not as skilled on this topic, I tally with your conclusions because they create sense. Thanks and goodluck to you.

  • Blake Harris

    Timothy Thrapp is currently head of World Improvement Through the Spirit (WITTS) Ministries, formerly World Improvement Technologies (WITs).

    For many years, this group has been claiming to have around 100 sundry exotic energy technologies for sale (multi millions of dollars), including versions of gravity motors, engines that run on water, radiant energy devices (solid state or mechanical), inertial propulsion devices, and pollution remediation. None of those has arrived in the marketplace yet, that we know of. Beginning around Dec. 2007, a video emerged that shows Timothy demonstrating what is described as a “self-running 900 Watt zero point electrical generator.” More information can be found on my <a href="" rel="nofollow">web site</a>.

    Does anyone have information on this zero point initiative?

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