Forest Gardening

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Both informative and inspiring, this video features Robert Hart in his pioneering Shropshire garden, explaining the principles and practice of forest gardening; Ken Fern of Plants for a Future, who grows 1500 species of useful perennial plants on a windy plot in Cornwall; and Mike and Julia Guerra who have created a tiny garden behind their maisonette in Hertfordshire, using permaculture,forest gardening and organic principles. For as little as two hours work a week, they can supply produce for six months of the year.

A forest garden is a tiny imitation of a natural forest. Once established it needs nimimal maintenance and can provide fruit, nuts, root and perennial vegetables and herbs. The principles and practice of forest gardening are described by pioneer Robert Hart who created a small forest garden on his farm on Wenlock Edge, which has been a model and inspiration for many designers and horticulturalists.


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  • Real Estate Croatia 5 years ago

    Beautiful forest garden, I wish that I have some like that in the from of my house.

  • Meghan 8 years ago

    c vraiment cool come info . merci!