Farming with Nature

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Permaculture is a design-based approach to practical sustainability, using systems thinking and approaches that combine regenerative ethics with ecological principles to create sustaianble environments.

Permaculture was developed in teh sub-troics (Australia) and thus there was some debate about how well it could adapt to practiced in Temperate climates. THis film dispenses with any such worries.

In this documentary, we take a look at a case study of permaculture in rteh Austrian Alps, which is snowed over for much of the year. Despite this, by using peramcultrue design and a lifetime's experince, the farm here produces abundant and diverse yeilds, while attracting interest from people and resturants far and wide.

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  • Danny Cunnington 8 years ago

    This couple are true heroes. Nature's abundance versus an artificial scarcity created by soulless corporations.