Elephant in the Room

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The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is totally or partially inaccurate.

The filmmakers travel from middle England, across Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event.

Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy theorists? Or is 9/11 Truth a credible political movement?

You decide.


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  • Al Hotz 7 years ago

    I think Cynthia McKinney is a true representative of the "people" and quite frankly, I think of her as not only a patriot but a true American hero.

    Wish all politicians had her integrity.

  • tarcio 8 years ago


  • 30 hours with no building power? As an IT pro who's done dozens of building shutdowns I can tell you NO power-down EVER lasts that long because the UPS (backup batteries to servers) would fail. Max is 4 hours.

  • How about putting 9/11 Links on this website as one of your documentaries? I consider it the real truth behind 9/11 and so do a myriad of others. This is the REAL "Elephant In the Room!" At least put it one here, so that people who view it can make up their own mind. We need to start to get at the real heart of the matter, or we're done for.

    Heres the link. People are encourage to download this video from free.