Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video

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Dreamworlds 3, the extremely expected update of Sut Jhally’s revolutionary Dreamworlds 2 (1995), probes the narrations modern day music videos tell regarding female childs and adult females, and promotes watchers to consider how these stories form individual and ethnical positions about sexuality. Examines the stories contemporary music videos tell about girls and women and encourages viewers to consider how these narratives shape individual and cultural attitudes about sexuality. Illustrated with hundreds of up-to-date images Dreamworlds 3 offers a unique and powerful tool for understanding both the continuing influence of music videos and how pop culture more generally filters the identities of young men and women through a dangerously narrow set of myths about sexuality and gender. In doing so it inspires viewers to reflect critically on images that they might otherwise take for granted. Created with 100s of cutting edge images, Dreamworlds 3 provides a remarkable and knock down instrument for understanding both the continuing effect of music videos and how pop culture more generally filters the identities of young men and women through a dangerously narrow set of myths about sexuality and gender. In doing so, it instigates watchers to reverberate critically on images that they might otherwise skip over.

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  • Kristina

    Aslo, adding to my last comment, my customers often ask me if I party.  They think that I spend all my time in clubs.  I learned very quickly to not say the truth, which is "no", I don't usually go to clubs.  They will hang up very quickly if I say this.  I learned that their fantasy is a representation of these videos, and they think that all women, (if sexy) should spend all their time going to clubs and getting drunk.  Even one of my female friends is starting to mimich this behavior more and more.  She is black, and black woman are especially represented as party girls in music videos.  All she wants to do now is go to the club and get drunk, and she gets upset and cries when she can't find enough girls to do this with her.  Even on her birthday, she decided to have a nightgown party where all the girls would wear sexy nighties.  I know her well, and I know she's not bi or gay.  I think she is also getting this idea from reality shows too, and "SEX AND THE CITY".  Sometimes I feel so bad when I turn down her offers to go party, but I don't drink.  I don't like the club scene, and I don't see that spending quality time with her should have to be spent partying.  She never wants to just stay at home with me and have real quality time; like talking or playing a game, or watching a movie, or walking through a park and just talking.  I wish I could find someone who wants to just do normal things again. 

  • Kristina

    I am a phone sex operator and most of my customers  have a fantasy having to do with one of these famale persona's, but I also notice something strange. Many of their fantasies seem derived more and more from television, and not porn, it's like they have been programmed. One very common fantasy is a girl who loves to shop and loves expensive shoes and clothes, and she will use her sexuality to financially dominant her male victim.  She only uses plastic, (credit cards) never cash at hand, and she always has plenty of female friends with her to join in at laughing at the male victim.  This fantasy seems to be a representation of not only dominant women, but derived from capitalism.  In real life, I do not spend all my money on shoes and clothes.  This idea comes from television.  I also heard that strippers are not making the money that they used too.  In about 2008, more and more female customers started comming to the clubs but not spending any money on the strippers.  They are trying to be like the girls in the music videos.  They usually just drink, party, and dance.  The male customers don't spend as much money on the strippers because there are plenty of sexual willing bodies that will give it to them for free. 

  • felaheen

    The women in the real world. Christ - this is one of the most awful things I've seen.

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    I love this video,!

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