Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic

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From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. On what side of it will you stand? Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776? "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" gives the viewer a look into the movements, mindset, and legislation that will catapult the "Great Restoration" into households across America.

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  • Dave

    What a bunch of half truth scaremongering.
    Yea lets have the good old boy county governments and crooked sheriffs departments take over I am sure.

  • peni

    wrestling? I got some weirdo psychologist going on about his parents not understanding him! lol... definitely not what I wanted to watch!

  • William

    this isn't dont' tread on me anymore, it's something about wrestling...

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