Do We Really Need the Moon?

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The Moon is such a familiar presence in the sky that most of us take it for granted. But what if it wasn’t where it is now? How would that affect life on Earth? Space scientist and lunar fanatic Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock explores our intimate relationship with the Moon. Besides orchestrating the tides, the moon dictates the length of a day, the rhythm of the seasons and the very stability of our planet. Yet the Moon is always on the move. In the past it was closer to Earth and in the future it’ll be farther away. That it is now perfectly placed to sustain life is pure luck, a cosmic coincidence. Using computer graphics to summon up great tides and set the Earth spinning on its side, Maggie Aderin-Pocock implores us to look at the Moon afresh: to see it not as an inert rock, but as a key player in the story of our planet, past, present and future.

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    "cosmic coincidence", this is a jockhow can any sane human believe that everything happened by coincidence
    planets created by coincidence
    moon created and put at its position and defined its life cycle by coincidence
    sun, obit, black holes, .... etc.
    and how all they are moving with no mistakes

    I believe Allah created that all, and he is managing every smallest part of the whole universe

  • Thanks! Should be working now :)

  • Thanks! Should be working now :)

  • milklover13

    video doesn't work

  • milklover13

    video doesn't work

  • Clint

    4 billion years. How do we really know what happened 4 billion years ago. If someone were to walk up to me and say this is what happened 4 billion years ago and here's how I know, I'd say, 'I still don't believe you'. The only way to accurately measure what's happened in the past is to have written accounts of such happenings. Looking at layers of rock and carbon dating or whatever other means of measurement you can come up with is not going to mean anything unless you can go back in time to ensure it's accuracy. No method for measurement of time and age used today existed even 100 years ago and so how do we compare accuracy.

  • Rob

    Hey dumb skinhead. Go back to school. Your Grammer is what I would expect of someone in first grade

  • Rob

    I am shocked to know there are still people in the world who are as rude as you are. Get a life buddy

  • Gary

    .,..David Icke?...really?

  • Italics Mine

    Or as humorist Josh Billings put it: "It's better to know nothin' than to know what ain't so."

  • Anthony G. Gelbert

    One thing that wasn't brought up is that many surgeons all over the world do not like to schedule major surgery during a full moon because patients bleed more profusely than during lesser lunar phases. It seems our blood is affected by lunar gravity.

  • dumb skinhead or F87k

    you white couldn't read or write when the Another black history fable was reading and wrting u d14).
    remember your dark ages

  • Big Joe


    4 Billion Years of Moon.

    Never before.

  • Anthony G. Gelbert

    Wolfram Graetz,
    The attraction between bodies in space is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the SQUARE of the distance between them. Do the math.
    Even if you are a racist, I'm sure they taught you some math at the school of architecture.
    What the formula of gravitational attraction deduced by Newton means is that, even though the sun is much more massive than the moon, the huge disparity in the SQUARE of the distance from earth, not simply the distance, makes solar gravity effects on earth negligible in comparison to the moon.
    And to the racist called Van, I have a message for you from a deceased fellow racist who could still manage o speak logically from time to time:

    "He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Ines

    Watch the Movie "The Moon Matrix" or read the book. The moon is alien made and if you think that's funny, you might not after reading the book. The moon as nothing to do with tides and changes on earth, don't believe everything the scientists tell you, after all, all they can do is offer a hypothesis or an "Educated guess".
    Maybe God is the only entity that knows the truth.

  • Van

    Another black history fable.

  • jonyo

    Wolfram Graetz is dumber than dirt!

  • Wolfram Graetz, Architect

    Moon Lunar has absolutely NOTHING to do with the "Tides" here on planet Earth. That moon Lunar shall control and be the cause of the "Ocean Tides" is old sand nigger stupidity. It is the SUN at the core of planet Earth which solely causes and directs the Ocean Tides.

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