Deliver Us From Evil

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Deliver Us from Evil (2006) is a documentary film directed by Amy J. Berg which tells the true story of Catholic priest Oliver O'Grady, who admitted to having molested and raped approximately 25 children in Northern California between the late 1970s and early 1990s. The film won the Best Documentary Award at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, losing to An Inconvenient Truth. The title refers to a line in the Lord's Prayer. The film chronicles O'Grady's years as a priest in Northern California, where he committed his crimes. After being convicted of child molestation and serving seven years in prison, O'Grady was deported to his native Ireland, where Berg interviewed him in 2005. Additionally, the film presents trial documents, videotaped depositions, and interviews with activists, theologians, psychologists and lawyers which suggest that not only were Church officials aware of O'Grady's crimes, they actively took steps to conceal them.

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  • RickRay

    Despite any good that the Catholic Church has done in the name of its god and dogma, which could have been done without such labeling as "I'm the representative of god.", it is an archaic, power hungry, political controlling, money making institution that makes a scam of all legitimate charities. Fear mongering and driving people to feel guilty for the supposed sin of man through Adam and Eve is a disgusting, unforgiving movement. The concept of heaven and hell is something no loving god, of which there is none, would ever impose upon his creation. Religion poisons everything and sets us back thousands of years as a species. Too bad mankind is so fearful and gullible.

  • Rjm

    It is shocking enough that the diocese avoided whatever responsibility it had in this O'Grady affair, however, it seems to me from this video that O'Grady himself seems to distance himself from his own actions and project fault onto the Church hierarchy. Ultimately, it is an individual who is responsible for his actions.

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