CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil

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The story of lawsuit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorans against Chevron over contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon. One of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet. An inside look at the infamous $27 billionĀ Amazon Chernobyl case, CRUDE is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures. Presenting a complex situation from multiple viewpoints, the film examines a complicated situation from several angles while bringing a story of environmental peril and human suffering into focus.

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  • toodance

    I feel complete rage having watched this.
    I have very bad thoughts and wishes towards every last person in the world involved in remorseless corporate atrocity and complicit governments.

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