CRASS: There Is No Authority But Yourself

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There is No Authority But Yourself is a Dutch film directed by Alexander Oey documenting the history of anarchist punk band Crass. The film features archive footage of the band and interviews with former members Steve Ignorant, Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher. As well as reflecting on the band's past the film focusses on their current activities, and includes footage of Rimbaud performing with Last Amendment at the Vortex jazz club in Hackney, a compost toilet building workshop and a permaculture course held at Dial House in the spring of 2006. The title of the film is derived from the final lines of the Crass album Yes Sir, I Will; "You must learn to live with your own conscience, your own morality, your own decision, your own self. You alone can do it. There is no authority but yourself." The 'anarcho-punk' band Crass never compromised, was very political and never had faked some sort of appearance. They were honest. Real. And extremely popular. Some of the members are still living together in Dial House, a quiet place in the countryside just outside London. 'Permaculture' workshops ('living ecologically and sustainable') are organized there. Penny Rimbaud (drummer) en Gee Vaucher (art works) are still living up to Crass' ideals. They are trying to live an authentic life 'outside the framework'. There is No Authority But Yourself premiered at the Raindance Film Festival at the Piccadilly Circus, London Trocadero in October 2006 and was part of the Official Selection film programme at the Flipside film festival in May 2008.

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  • Gerogio Malik

    Thank you for making this available. I'm not an expert on Anarchism or Punk, but having left the Mid-East due to political upheaval and revolution in the late 70s, the music that spoke to me and articulated the chaos from which I came was that of Dead Kennedys, SubHumAns and CRASS. True to the words and music of Punk. And true to truth of "Punk Is Dead!" Nothing is more repugnant than bands selling themselves and "pUnk" and charging $40 a head for their gigs - and becoming millionaire "punks". That's an oxymoron! I'm  glad to have been in the West and a teenager when these three bands were still relevant - and they shall always be relevant to me and many others. Thanks! 

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