Consuming Kids

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Consuming Kids throws desperately needed light on the practices of a relentless multi-billion dollar marketing machine that now sells kids and their parents everything from junk food and violent video games to bogus educational products and the family car. Drawing on the insights of health care professionals, children’s advocates, and industry insiders, the film focuses on the explosive growth of child marketing in the wake of deregulation, showing how youth marketers have used the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world. Consuming Kids pushes back against the wholesale commercialization of childhood, raising urgent questions about the ethics of children’s marketing and its impact on the health and well-being of kids.  

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  • Guest


    I agree with you. I grew up with 4 siblings, sharing a bedroom, hand-me-down clothes, leftover dinners, used bicycles, etc. Our parents never bought us any shit. They only bought us toys of value (chess, sporting equipment, legos). Sometimes we would ask for Ninja Turtles toys, but to no avail. I must admit, there were times that I resented my parents for not buying me those things.

    Needless to say, fast-forward 20 years and my siblings and I are all thriving, well-adjusted, college-educated adults.

    P.S. Just because some shows are created in order to market products doesn't mean that they aren't good... TURTLE POWER!! 

  • Nariman

    Make sure you watch the whole movie before you post. It's almost inescapable if you live in the same world I do.

  • simon

    born in 84 , i grew up with crap clothing with no brands , shite toys so i had to climb trees instead of having the teenage mutant turtles  or super Nintendo's like all my friends had , and i felt very hard done by , being teesed for not having nike trainers etc made my life a bit more different then others, as my farther would say Im not spending hard owned money on a chunk of plastic crap with it .... now that I have entered my adult hood and own my own money , I dont care about brands , I cant stand snobby friends who spend hundreds of there trading tokens on Chanel and Gucci and feel higher socialized then my self as these brands make then feel like god like people ... I think I can thank my farther now finally ... as I would hate to end up walking the planet with a dildo stuck up my ass hole    

  • ted

    I think we should deregulate government as they clearly demonstrated that the free market is best.

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