Commando: On the Front Line

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In Commando: On The Front Line, director Chris Terrill embarks on a courageous 12-month journey to Afghanistan alongside Britain’s most elite front line troops – the Royal Marine Commandos. A division of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marine Commando directs the most physically and mentally challenging training regime of any military contingent in the United Kingdom, and only the cream of the crop gets through. This eight-episode series provides fascinating insight into the experiences of the 50 new recruits of 924 Troop – following the Bootnecks through their hardcore eight-month training period, right up to their arrival on the front line and first moments wearing the illustrious green berets in combat. The transformation of the young men is incredible, as is the footage obtained by Terrill, who got involved side-by-side with the boys at every step of the way.

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    Mind set.  The US Marine leaders learned that to just train to kill was counter productive. They found that people could be trained to think that way, however, at home, with family or with civilian friends they were very aggressive.  Human's brains are not wired to kill.  This has been scientifically proven, now through breakthrough technology.  So the US Marines trained their soldiers with a different psychology.  They now indoctrinate to protect instead of training to kill.  So, when the young soldier from St. Vincent said he was doing the training to protect, I found that statement very interesting.

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    Interesting to note, that most of the recruits come from lower middle class families. 
    Unfortunately, we are not wired to kill and once these young people are faced with the absolute reality of the fact that they will have to kill someone or be killed, they can be traumatized.  Not all, but a striking amount of people that have come back from Afghanistan have developed PTSD.  The most unfortunate truth is that suicide has become a real problem with these individuals and the military in all countries involved, in Afghanistan, were and are not dealing successfully with PTSD.

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