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College Conspiracy debunks many myths, including the belief that Americans with college degrees earn $1 million more in lifetime income compared to high school graduates without a college degree. The most important basic fact that most Americans don’t understand about 4-year colleges is that most Americans spend 6 years attending them before graduating. With U.S. tuition inflation for private colleges averaging 5.15% over the past half a decade, assuming this same rate of tuition inflation continues, a college with tuition of $30,000 today will have tuition of $38,563 in the sixth year a student attends it. In College Conspiracy, NIA analyzes the total cost to attend college by factoring in not just rapidly rising tuition expenses, but also the interest payments on student loans, and the lost income that college students would have earned if they worked at an average entry-level job that doesn’t require a college degree. NIA’s investigation has determined that the organizations that helped create and promote the $1 million in additional income myth, included General Equivalency Diploma (GED) recipients as being high school graduates. The truth is, GED recipients are not real high school graduates and they are being used to unfairly skew down the average income of high school graduates without a college degree. This has the effect of artificially inflating the amount of additional lifetime income that college graduates earn over high school graduates. College Conspiracy shows the real numbers that never get discussed in the mainstream media. The college-industrial complex has created not only myths, but outright hoaxes, in order to scam American students into becoming indentured servants for life. Three years ago when 15 new pharmacist schools were about to open in the U.S., the college cartel bribed economists to come out with phony research reports showing that the U.S. was experiencing a huge shortage of pharmacists.

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  • Ped200014

    What you do not realize is that you're in a system of diminishing returns. The more degreed idiots out there, the less a degree is worth. Then more degreed drones search for unskilled work and over time turn those positions into skilled-by-proxy jobs to the point everyone has to pay 10's of thousands just to get a medium wage crap shoot. All of it just so McUniversity broadens its already massive bottom line. Specialization is for insects not men. If you wanted to learn about a subject there is nothing stopping you from studying the exact same literature that a college idiot does.....and do it for thousands less money. But it isn't about whether or not you understand or can do a task, it is about how obedient you are to an arbitrary system...It's about having a piece of paper saying you are capable of rote memorization and likely lack critical thinking skills.

  • Laura Bay

    Also, my student loans debt is nowhere near $200,000 , totally nowhere near it and I am almost done getting my degree.

  • Laura Bay

    I got to a Community College part time. I work three jobs and YES I  have a GED. So their bs about a GED not being the same as a Diploma and shouldn't be counted is bs. My school was horrible and I took my GED to be able to go to college. To some degree this movie holds a skewed view. The thing is, I am taking  courses that can be used in any type of field. Not motivated, please. A lot of these kids take courses like Pupperty.

  • Lakjfdg

    Many people learn better by being in a classroom.  The student should always have a choice between both ways of learning.  This video is pushing on-line FOR PROFIT college, buying gold and silver, and working for low wages.  Many people get the fact that the economy is a house of cards.  Buying gold and silver, looking at a computer screen after a hard days work at Target isn't going to save the Republic.

  • Lakjfdg

    Drastically lowering the cost of higher education is what needs to be accomplished, not avoiding college.  Of all those who spoke in this video, I would guess most have a college degree.  It seems the makers of this video want most of us to work a couple part-time jobs at about 9 dollars an hour so we can avoid indentured servitude.  Ha! Not likely.  With mass grassroots organizing, the cost of going to college will eventually be affordable without loans - students need to fight this, not run away from it.

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