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A 40 minute documentary film featuring the stories of Rwandan genocide survivors and perpetrators being released back into the neighborhoods they terrorized. Their government forces them to try to reconcile.

Coexist is an amazo productions LLC film. You can learn more about our efforts to utilize Coexist in classrooms to engage teens in conversations about reconciliation, forgiveness, revenge and remorse. We aim to teach skills which will encourage young people to avoid doing harm to each other and interrupt violence and bullying.

Coexist was carefully and sensitively made, drawing in a variety of narratives, beliefs, and perceptions that underscore the complexity of mass violence. The video and educational programs serve as beneficial learning tools for American adults and young people who may not know much about Rwanda and have not been faced with the need for social healing and reconciliation after genocide. I especially appreciate the film for not offering simplistic remedies to the profound questions of how people live together, and live with themselves, after such atrocity. The film reminds us that we each face ourselves and manage our recovery differently, and that human beings have an astounding resilience


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  • Laura Bay 5 years ago

    Not working here. What's the password? This is stupid, they want us to be informed yet they block you from watching the video. So good, now less people will learn what goes on in this part of the world. So much for raising awareness. I mean really.

  • Kaylapartridge53 6 years ago

    i am trying to watch this movie "coexist" for a school assignment. can someone please tell me the password or where i can watch this free online or where to rent it asap. i have a week to do this assignment. thanks