Cashing In on Degrees

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With students facing massive increases in their fees, Dispatches investigates the pay, perks and privileges enjoyed by universities' top earners. Journalist Laurie Penny reveals the increasing commercialisation of higher education and asks what happens when universities scour the globe for students and funds.


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  • Frank Edelstein 5 years ago

    If the University of London could have given Seif Al Islam a Phd for Sterling 1,500,000 in donations what good is the present education  system? The same with American universities like NY University's Stern Business school, Cornell, Stanford, Syracuse, Wharton and Florida. So whats new. They simply will not fail you if you keep up your fees.

  • joine 5 years ago

    keep it up .....

  • Truth Seeker 5 years ago

    I am a student who's no the verge of finishing the BSc studies ... and naturally, I've been digging in for an appropriate Graduate Studies program in the English world. I can assure strongly the fact that all universities in the English world (Canada, Australia, UK, US) will look to the student as a cash cow. The first quality to check on in the student papers is the back checks.

    This however, isn't true when we are talking about other systems like Germany for example, or France. Universities in the latter countries are almost totally fee-free ... but the student will still pay an equal amount of fees on housing and food and every day life issues. 

  • Guest 5 years ago

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