Brazil - An Inconvenient History

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At first glance Brazil appears to be an alluring playground of exciting carnivals, sultry samba, divine football and a vibrantly diverse people.

But behind this dazzling facade lies a disturbing story of history’s largest-ever slave population.

Astonishingly Brazil, a Portuguese colony, received ten-times more African slaves than the numbers transported to North America.

This programme looks at those estimated 4 million people with whose blood, sweat and tears Brazil was built.

Without them none of Brazil’s present-day success and appeal would exist. Using contemporary testimonies, this film takes a hard look at Brazil s dark history through the eyes of those slaves.

They lived in squalid conditions on remote plantations or in teeming cities harboring fatal diseases. Most Africans survived only seven years in this ‘New World’.

Some, however, did survive to create a new culture a fusion of African and European. This new ethnicity permeates and explains the modern Brazilian way of life.

This outstanding film, winner of the Houston Film Festival Gold Award, is directed by Phil Grabsky. His film throws light on Brazil s inconvenient history.

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  • Marco A. A. Silva 6 years ago

    While the information in this documentary might come as a surprise to anyone who has not studied Brazil´s history with any kind of depth, it does not add anything new to what every high school student in Brazil already knows.

    Brazil´s history is not any more inconvenient than that of Cuba, or Haiti, or even the United States, which had to go through the bloodiest civil war of the continent in order to abolish slavery.

    I am proud of the African origins of many of Brazil´s best known cultural achievements, and I can assure all viewers that I am not alone in this feeling, quite on the contrary, that´s a majority view around here.

    I suggest to anyone interested in the subject to visit the state of Bahia, especially its capital town of Salvador. It is a charming city, full of living history at every corner and lots of fun for those who are culturally-minded.