Bill Hicks: Archived Scraps From Beyond

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Back in January of 2009, I was busy digging up some old, *old* bits & pieces of material from the internet and stitching them together. Here is a bit of an eulogy for Bill, the mood suddenly struck me to make it. In it you'll prominently see Bill Hicks as well as his friend Kevin Booth who's now a film producer. It also features a few of Bill's friends, like Joe Rogan, in one particular eulogizing radio segment.

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  • Ed Chiarini

    it is possible. If you look at his ears he could of had a 30 minute procedure that changed the lobes of his ears. Other than that and the name change everything else is the same right down to booth and Rogan.

  • Guest

    That is just weird, why is Alex Jones accepting an award for Bill Hicks? Makes you wonder if they really are the same. I see the resemblance but don't know how the great Bill Hicks could transform into such a loudmouth, fear monger, like Alex Jones. WTF IDK

  • Anon

    Is that Alex Jones with Bill Hicks at 36:00?

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