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In one of the most hostile lands on the planet, an ancient people called the Israelites forged an army and carved out an empire. Their ancient military exploits are described in one of history's most famous religious texts; the old testament of the Bible. But by reading between the religious lines, ancient military historians unlock the soldier's secrets of the bible by examining the weapons, the strategies; and the commanders, some of whom are unlikely warriors, like Abraham, Moses, and Deborah. Bible Battles is a two hour hi-definition special that explores the biblical world from a military perspective from the time of Abraham, approximately 1500 BC, until David's ascension to the throne, around 1000 BC. Using graphic battle re-creations choreographed by a Hollywood sword master, Bible Battles brings to life some of the most famous stories of the Bible, like the Exodus, the battle of Jericho, and David's fight against Goliath; as well as more obscure stories like Abraham's surprise nighttime raid against the Chaldeans, Gideon's battle against the Midianites, and Jonathan's daring attack against a Philistine outpost. Blood often flows more freely than holy water in the days of the Old Testament, and the military secrets of the Bible have yet to be revealed; until now. Using the Old Testament as a guide, see how Israelites warriors created an empire. Revisit the time of Abraham to David from a military standpoint. in addition to being sacred text, the Old Testament is a historical account of ancient warfare. From Abraham to David, the Bible chronicles the Israelites' creation of an empire. Bible Battles collects expert insight to understand the strategies and tactics used during biblical times. Not only are weapons and battles examined, but Old Testament characters, not normally considered warriors, are re-examined from a military perspective. Hear from military historians on the effectiveness and strength of the Israelite army. Review the time of Abraham to David and understand the warfare and fighting that occurred to seat David on the throne. Discover who the Israelites fought, why, where the battles occurred, and how they continued to win and endure.

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  • christophers

    why cant these people entertain the idea of story telling for what its worth. For instance trying to make sense of the Red Sea,by turning it into the Sea of Reeds....why???Because you dont believe God could part the Red Sea,while at the same time the author is incapable of spinningĀ  a yarn ....Or Moses wandering in the desert for 40 years,as if. If they wanted to leave,the sun rises in the same place every day,sorta hard to walk in circles...i.e. a story.

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