Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life

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Ayn Rand was born in 1905 in St. Petersberg, Russia. She escaped to America in 1926 amidst the rise of Soviet Communism. She remained in the United States for the rest of her life, where she became a much respected author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. The themes of freedom and individualism were to be her life's passion, and would win her a devoted following among readers.

Her books continue to sell over 300,000 copies each year. Upon her arrival in America, Ayn Rand applied for a screenwriting position at the DeMille Studios in Hollywood. On that same day, a chance meeting with DeMille brought her to the set of The King of Kings where she was hired as an extra for the film. But, it wasn't until her 1936 Broadway success, Night of January 16th, that she first achieved fame as a writer. The play, a courtroom drama that was tried before a jury drawn from the audience each night, had two endings for each verdict. Although a success, it was Ayn's first struggle to keep the integrity of her script intact from those who did not share her vision.


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  • Luke Sacher 5 years ago

    Magnificent! Inspiring! BRAVO!

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    it's down

  • Tuffy 6 years ago

    A comprehensive biography detailing the reasons Ayn Rand left Communist Russia (her desire to write and express her thoughts freely), and her consequential love of the United States and it's capitalist society. Two thumbs up.