Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

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Will secrets buried in an ancient cave rewrite the story of a desperate time? Nearly 2,000 years ago, a dark, inhospitable cave located in a canyon near the Dead Sea was a secret refuge for Jewish refugees fleeing for their lives from the oppressive rule of the Roman Empire.

In 1960, archaeologists discovered dramatic letters written by Bar-Kokhba, the heroic Jewish rebel who led a guerrilla uprising against the Romans. Could the cave conceal more historical treasure from that desperate time?

Armed with high-tech equipment, a new team led by archaeologist Richard Freund returns to explore a place that has intrigued the experts for decades. With the help of ingeniously improvised devices, they unearth long-lost artifacts and relics that provide tantalizing clues to turbulent times of messianic fervor, oppression, and revolt.

The team’s discoveries lead Freund to a radical new theory that he hopes will rewrite Holy Land history – could the treasure concealed in the cave be a long-lost relic of the Great Temple in Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans? Join NOVA for a fascinating detective story that will immerse you in the strong currents of archaeological controversy.

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  • Betty 7 years ago

    Very enjoyable documentary for anyone with an interest in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, Bar Kochba, a woman called Babatha who left her important documents hidden in the cave, and a very endearing archaeologist who made me chuckle towards the end when he passionately tried to communicate his findings to his skeptical fellow academics.