America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism

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Discover how America is being fundamentally transformed from a free republic and even a democracy to a complete fascist dictatorship police state run by a tiny elite. Watch this film to learn the truth about where power grabbing started beginning in this country. The Documentary idea started around June of 2011 during the Martinsville Virginia Civil War Reenactment which Brian got very good quality footage with his new HD Quality digital camera. Whenever he saw that he thought he should do a documentary but what Kind? A documentary that exposes the world elite including the Bushes, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds which even financed both sides of the civil war. Brian wanted a big documentary film to expose the big elite, the Bilderberg criminals that has just about robbed America and countries throughout the world. It is through evidence found and it is Brian’s big belief that the civil war was a power grab by the Rothschilds to have the Federal Government abort states rights under the guise of ending slavery of the African Americans. Now that the government has been centralized now it is being consolidated just like during the civil war, to merge all nations states on earth to form the cores of World Government, the New World Order. The Documentary is to expose even further the elites agenda which they thought they could hide from people like Brian D. Hill of USWGO. Brian has also gone on the record since he was sued by Righthaven LLC in January 2011, to fight against Righthaven’s copyright war, done research on their backers Stephens th ebillionaire investment banker family, and gone on the record to expose Big Medias copyright war under the guise of protecting artists copyrights but in reality it is actually a plot to end the Alternative Media Across the Internet, to bring Chinese style censorship Across the Internet, and bring a legitimacy to corporations stealing small peoples material while they claim Copyright Infringement over every little thing the poor puts together. Brian and all of his works has been in the NYTimes Newspaper, International Herald Tribune, WXII12, FOX8, Infowars, Associated Press (Even though my story there got censored due to backstage pressure from some of Righthaven’s allies) GCNLive, ActivistPost, We Are Change, and even got his organization officially recognized as a organization opposing the Felony Streaming Act.

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  • kev

    5 minutes, wow short attention. The guy has Autism ffs, stupid.

  •  Give the guy a break 'moron' if you would've watched the full doc you might have understood the difficulties encountered by someone suffering from autism,  incredible.

  • Mikersvl

    I don't need to see a doc on this, all I gotta do is look around. But for a lot of people, you gotta point things out, and even then they might not see. Thanks for the effort.

  • Juan

    The narator of this crappy doc reminds me of the character Zach Galifianakis does, Seth, his fictious brother, Any moment I was expecting him to say " Where's Funyuns at?"

  • Ask Zilla

    Interesting, but please get rid of that voice, jeeez

  • AskZilla

    This narrator's voice is terrible! Jeeez.

  • Wakeup6621

    your a complete idiot.. whoever made this film is a total fool.. what did you copy this play by play from alex jones endgame??? seeing as the first 5 minutes are i did not watchthe rest of the film.. your voice is awful.. you sounds like a fuckin bug that is wearing a tinfoil hat... dont get me wrong i love alex jones but you should be payin him for this blatant rip off of his movie. you wouldve served the truth movement better by just promoting alexs films instead of wating your time making somethin no one will watch

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