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At the height of popularity of the Bush administration — the federal government entrapped and subsequently imprisoned Tommy Chong. Josh Gilbert began documenting the federal case against his long time friend, for the terrible crime of selling bongs. This film examines the personal effects on Tommy, the motivations and tactics of the politicized Justice Department under George Bush, set against the back drop of the War on Drugs and the legal issues involved. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to huge press and critical acclaim, and appeared at many other film festivals. It premiered theatrically at Film Forum in New York City and went on to a successful arthouse theatrical release throughout North America. It was recently broadcast on Showtime and the CBC in Canada.

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  • John

    Hey. What's wrong with being out of touch with reality?  If someone wants to spend their whole life stoned, then why can't they? Some people just don't want to make any useful contribution to society, and just don't care about anyone but themselves and getting high everyday. What's wrong with that??? Who are we to think we have the right to compel people to be clear thinking, safe, and responsible human beings??? Stop trying to oppress these poor people!!!!! They have a right to be mindless, useless, incompetents!!!! They have a right to operate factory machinery, use heavy equipment, drive motorcycles, cars, buses, trains and planes while completely stoned out of their minds!!!!! They have a right to live their deleterious, parasitic lifestyles!!!!! 
    In gods name, leave these people alone!!!!! STOP VIOLATING THESE PEOPLES RIGHTS!!!!!  FREEDOM!!!! FREEDOM!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!! 

  • Me Home

    You need to see this now.

  • ETO

    Video removed

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