A Passion For Sustainability

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Envision a society where economic opportunity, social justice and sustainable culture all spring from environmental stewardship. Imagine a world where nurturing the health of the planet is the catalyst for global financial success and social stability. Can you? Ten years ago, fourteen business owners in Portland, Oregon did just that. Using a sustainability tool called The Natural Step, these fourteen business owners looked at their business plans through the lens of environmental sustainability and began the journey to create businesses that would be responsible for Earth's natural systems while building economic growth. Along the way, all fourteen developed A Passion for Sustainability. Join these inspiring pioneers as they describe the journeys they have taken, the challenges and unexpected rewards they have experienced and their ultimate vision of a sustainable world. Prepare to be inspired, motivated and energized to begin your own journey and find your own Passion For Sustainability. A Passion For Sustainability explores how fourteen businesses, from a neighborhood car repair shop to a global corporation, based in Portland, Oregon implement the principles of The Natural Step Network in order to become more sustainable.

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  • FarmerDude72

    Anyone who builds with concrete should not be considered "green". After watching the first bit I realized that this was just another "commercialized" version of "green" and not really that of true "sustainability".

  • Candismoo2

    Sustainability is a suspicious word these days, I have discovered. Is this Sustainability
    related to AGENDA 21 in any way? Maybe we need to find out, before we jump right in
    and join "the crowd"?

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