A History of Oil

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Robert Newman presents a comedy tour de force with two incredible live stand up shows on this DVD.

‘History of Oil’ has become a cult hit worldwide. Through a mixture of stand up, sketches and filmed inserts, Robert Newman gives an original take on the last 150 years of our history. ‘Caliban to the Taliban’ expertly uses brilliant comedy to tell some home truths on the war on terror.

Over 2 hours of both hilarious and compelling comedy.

Part stand-up, part monolgue and part musical, Newman's show is all funny and perfect for these post-September 11 times.


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  • Guest 5 years ago

    I came across "History of Oil" 5 years ago.  It is a must watch to understand how oil controls all countries.

  • Guest 5 years ago

    Good show, well thought out and liked the general theme of oil but the WW! stuff was stretching a bit.  I can believe that the british sent an army to defend the oil as it was a strategic and indeed crucial resource.  It was Austria-Hungary that ckicked off the whole thing by declaring war on Serbia, which in turn led to all manner of treaties and pacts kicking in so that we had two major blocks of warring factions....aside from that I really liek Rob Newman.

  • guest 6 years ago

    Seriously! The best comment anyone could come up with was Can't Follow!  We are doomed!  Good luck!

  • Bavwill 6 years ago

    can't follow.