The 9/11 Faker

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The extraordinary story of the woman who fooled everyone when she claimed to be a high-profile survivor of the Twin Towers attacks of September 2001 Tania Head was one of only 19 people at or above the point of impact to survive the 9/11 attacks. She became President of the World Trade Centre Survivors' Network, and her vivid account of miraculous escape and tragic loss convinced everyone - politicians, press, fellow survivors and the families of those who died in the attacks. But Tania wasn't who she said she was. And on the day of the attacks she wasn't even in New York, but thousands of miles away in Spain. As her fame grew, so, finally, did the questions. In September 2007, The New York Times published a front page article questioning Tania's account. Shortly afterwards, she packed her bags and disappeared. So who was Tania Head? And how did her deception affect the members of the 9/11 survivors' network she left behind?  

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  • Gavinrichardson

    "No one knows what Tanya Head is planning next" a manipulative and unnecessary comment at the end. Compulsive liar yes. Also harmless and achieved something for the survivors. It's a desperate person that wants a problem like that, pity her and offer help.

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