9/11 - A New Standard for Deception

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In an information-packed presentation of 58 minutes Kevin Ryan delivers a damning indictment of the official investigations of the total collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7. Ryan's solid scholarship and application of the scientific method stands in stark contrast to the official investigations, whose dishonesty and corrupt anti-scientific methods Ryan exposes in abundance. Ryan explains details of the investigation by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) not acknowledged by the Institute, such as its failure to experimentally verify the floor pancake theory, forcing it to invent a new theory about the Towers' collapse. Ryan notes commonalities in the WTC investigations by NIST and FEMA, and the investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Building, such as a high degree of overlap in the leaders of the respective investigations. Ryan unquestionably qualifies as a whistleblower. Having been promoted to the top manager of Underwriter's Laboratories water testing division, Ryan was dismissed on November of 2004 after an e-mail from him to Dr Frank Gayle of NIST questioning the collapse of the twin towers became public.

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  • John J

    Brilliant article! Unfortunately I have been a truther for a number of years now. All I can say is the media did a near perfect job on that fateful day, weeks and months thereafter, brainwashing the general public into a false state of mind and submission.

    The proof is there if they care to look. Many are ignorant. Maybe some are afraid. I live in a land far from the USA, but the events of 9/11 still effected me in a deep and profound way. I fear for the future. Not just for myself, for my family and friends as well!

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